Adecco White Paper:



Each year, staff turnover costs employers a lot of money, and just a small decrease in churn can have a significant impact on cost saving.

Staff turnover and employee retention has always been one of the key concerns within the employment and HR sectors.

So what are we looking at when we discuss staff turnover in 2016? Is it a sign of a healthy job market, or of loyalty being dead? Are employees not motivated enough, or are companies not getting to what drives and engages their employees?

The Adecco Retention Report answers all of those questions. The report looks at how staff turnover impacts and fits within the wider economic landscape, and the factors driving and affecting churn in New Zealand busines.

Among the report highlights are:
  • An investigation into the industries and areas with the highest staff turnover, and the effects of a fluid workforce.
  • The level of role at which turnover is at its highest and lowest.
  • Staff retention trends within New Zealand businesses over time.
  • How staff turnover is affected by factors such as age and migration, and how this might affect the future of the New Zealand workplace.
  • What engages employees whilst in a role, and what motivates them to leave jobs and look for other opportunities.