Working For Adecco

There are a number of ways you can register with us.

Use the job seekers page to search for a specific job and click apply now.

You will be required to complete a registration page and to attach your application and CV. Your application will come into the branch managing the vacancy and one of our consultants will be in contact with you. If you don’t see a suitable job, but want to send your details in to us, follow the general application instructions on our job search page.

Call into or contact one of our branches and discuss your details with a consultant. They will guide you on the best way to apply.

In all cases to register with us we will need you to provide us with information and also to complete documentation. This is to ensure we capture relevant information in order for us to consider your application further. You will be required to provide us with a CV or alternatively use our CV builder on this website to create a CV.

If a consultant calls you to arrange a time for you to come and see us, there are a few things you can begin to prepare so that we can progress your application.

The consultant will advise you what they require you to bring with you when they make your appointment but these are some things you may need to provide (depending on the vacancy you are applying for or the type of work you are seeking):

  • Passport and evidence of any current work permits or work visa if you are not a New Zealand Citizen or resident
  • Drivers Licence or passport as proof of identification
  • Copies of, licences, tickets and qualifications you have
  • Your CV
  • The names and contact details of two work related referees. These need to be people that have directly supervised you in previous positions you have held. You need to gain their permission to use them as a referee so that they can talk to us and respond to questions over the telephone relating to your work performance.

In some cases we may also require you to provide the following documents if you wish to be considered for are applying for temporary work with us:

  • Bank details – printed copy of a bank statement or deposit slip or verification of your bank account number and your name
  • IRD number

We are proud of our stance as the number 1 HR solutions provider in the world. In order for us to consider you for employment with us as an Adecco temporary associate, we need to ensure that we have all the information we require before we employ you. This information needs to be accurate so that we can represent you with confidence to our clients and understand the type of position that will suit you best.

It is important that we ensure you have the skills to undertake positions we may consider you of or put you forward for. This is so we place you within temporary assignments that are suited to your skills and ability in order that you will be able to perform well and have a high level of satisfaction with your temporary assignment. This is for your benefit, as well as for our clients.

The Adecco selection process is very thorough – but don’t worry. In most cases, there will be a position suited to you – we simply want to make sure it’s the right one. We may take you through a variety of processes including registration, skills or psychometric testing, interviews, reference checking and other background checks may be performed. The process will depend on a number of factors including the role we are considering you for and our clients requirements also.

We make our decision based on a number of factors and will keep you informed throughout the process.

However, there are a few characteristics that we can’t accept during the recruitment process:

  • Dishonesty – on your CV, in your application or registration documents or during your interview or at work
  • Unreliability (not turning up to interviews or to work)
  • Drug and Alcohol use –we have a zero tolerance policy within the workplace
  • Behaviour at work that endangers you or someone else

You will need to come into an Adecco office and you may need to allow about 4 hours for the entire recruitment process. This may be conducted over several sessions.


When you arrive, we will ask you to read and complete some documents so that we can create a file for your employment with us.

Assessments (Some roles only)

For some jobs you apply for - often office, professional and Call Centre jobs - we may send some assessments to your home for you to before we meet you. This will give us a good understanding of your skills and also what sort of work environment suits you the best. If you don’t have a home computer, don’t worry- you can do these when you come in to the office.


If you are being considered for a vacancy, you will have an interview with one of our consultants so that they can gain an understanding of your work history and experience, what type of position you are seeking and are suited for and they will also ask about the factors that impact on your work. This is an opportunity for the consultant to get to know you in person and for you to learn more about Adecco. It’s all part of the selection and matching process.

Licences and Qualifications

We will take copies of these and retain them on file. We will verify them to make sure they are current and valid.

Passport with any work permits and visas etc

We need to ensure that you are eligible for employment and to work in New Zealand and we will hold a copy of these on file.

Ministry of Justice Check

When you complete our application for employment form we do ask you to declare any current or pending convictions you may have (subject to the Clean Slate Act 2004) and we will require you to complete a Ministry of Justice form which we send away to obtain a criminal conviction report to verify what you have told us.

Please be honest with us and disclose any convictions you may have or if you have charges laid against you. Not all convictions will prevent you from getting a job. It will depend on the nature of the role and the type of conviction you may have. However, if you don’t disclose an offence and we subsequently find that you do have conviction(s) or charges pending that you have not disclosed to us, it is unlikely we can assist you further to find work or if you are placed into work by us we may need to remove you from the assignment you are placed onto or if you are placed into a permanent role with one of our clients they may have reason to discontinue your employment. .Your honesty is important to us.


Part of our recruitment process helps us to gain further insight into your work history by speaking to referees you nominate to us. We will need the contact details of at least two work related referees who must have supervised you directly in a working environment in the past. We ask them a series of questions based around your ability, performance and interpersonal skills to ensure that we further understand your work history and can verify details you have provided to us.

Health, drugs and alcohol

Adecco has a zero tolerance to the use of drugs or alcohol in the workplace. As part of our recruitment process we will require you to read and sign our drug and alcohol policy which you will find in our document library. We may require you to undergo pre employment drug testing and we will advise you of this during our recruitment process. Some employers and our clients ask for additional checks to be performed regarding your health and wellbeing such as eye sight and hearing tests as examples and they may also require particular substance testing to be undertaken. Once again we will advise you of these requirements during the recruitment process.


If you wish to work for us as a temporary employee and you have had all of the pre employment processes completed and we think we will be able to provide you with work, we will undertake a comprehensive pre employment induction with you. This is where we further explain what we require from you, provide and explain to you employment related documentation such as your Individual Employment Agreement, tax code declaration and other payroll and policy information and we will require you to complete these. We will also review comprehensively our health and safety policies and will allocate a segment of the induction specifically to health and safety to ensure we have advised you of good health and safety practises and so you gain an understanding of how important keeping yourself safe at work is.

We work with a wide range of clients for whom we provide flexible workforce solutions. There are many reasons for temporary and contract staff –cover for short term absences (holidays or staff sickness for example), projects, seasonal peaks, additional work or to provide a company with flexibility.

Companies will come to Adecco to seek an individual, or a team, to provide additional resources and we will then match and place suitable temporary staff or associates onto these assignments. Adecco then becomes your employer and we look after your employment relationship with us and all matters related to it such as paying you. You are responsible to and work for Adecco whilst you are on assignment.

Once you have agreed to an assignment, becoming an Adecco associate (our name for temporary staff), you will then become an Adecco employee. We will pay your wages at an agreed rate for the duration of any assignment you may be placed into and we will be responsible for your health and safety and other workplace and employment matters.

As an Adecco associate, you are employed by Adecco in the workplace you may be placed into and you will be required to perform the work required of you and as directed by ourselves and our client. There may be times that we don’t have work for you. However once you are fully registered and inducted you can still remain registered and will be ready to work for us when the next suitable assignment comes along.

We are only committed to each other for the term of any assignment and both parties can give the required notice (unless due to serious misconduct or misconduct) as per your individual employment agreement at any time. You will work under the terms of your Individual Employment Agreement, (the contract between you and Adecco) that was completed and signed by you at your induction which is specifically designed for Temporary staff.

You can choose to terminate your association with Adecco at any time (with the required notice if you are on assignment).

Being employed as an Adecco temporary associate offers you the flexibility to come and go in between assignments as you please.

The following information applies to general Adecco employment when you are placed on assignment. There are rare occasions when this might vary due to the specific conditions of an assignment and you will be notified of this variation in advance.

In most circumstances the Adecco working week runs from Monday to Sunday (in some instances this may vary in which case you will be notified in advance.).

You will need to account for all hours you work on an assignment by completing a timesheet which you then give to your workplace supervisor or manager to approve, before you or in some cases our client submits it to Adecco. It is your responsibility to complete your timesheet and ensure the detail upon it is correct. This important document is what we need to ensure we can pay you for the hours you work.

Timesheets must be given to Adecco by 10.00am each Monday morning after the conclusion of the previous week when you are placed on assignment. This is so that you can be paid later that week. It is your responsibility to make sure we receive your timesheet.

You can find timesheets

a) At your Adecco branch (in most cases you will be sent one weekly with your payslip if your payslip is posted to you)

b) Online

c) Through WebBase – our online timesheet system. This option is available at some clients we work with who have agreed to submit timesheets to us electronically. If this option is to be used on an assignment you are placed on, you will be provided with a logon and password by your consultant to access and complete your timesheet online.

Your timesheet must be submitted for approval by Monday at 10.00am of each week.

If there is a discrepancy between the hours you provide on your timesheet and those approved by our client, we will discuss this with you.

Your pay

Your consultant will inform you of the hourly rate applicable to any assignment you may be offered prior to you agreeing to take on the assignment.

The pay rate is set for the work offered, not for you as an individual and may therefore vary from assignment to assignment. You will always have pay rates clearly explained to you before commencement.

We pay you weekly while you are on assignment for the hours worked in the preceding week, Monday to Sunday. Your pay will be electronically deposited into the bank account you provide to us and the funds will show in most cases on Thursday of each week while you are on assignment (unless you have been advised differently due to the circumstances of a specific assignment. (Public holidays may mean that your pay day and date does alter however we will advise you of this.

In addition to the hourly base rate, Adecco also pays or provides Statutory Holidays where appropriate and in accordance with legislation Kiwisaver to those who elect to participate in the scheme.

ACC cover for work related accidents once approved and all documentation is approved. We also accrue for you holiday pay at 8% of your wages. This holiday pay is detailed on your payslip provided to you each week and is available to you to take when agreed with Adecco as paid leave or paid out to you upon you concluding your employment relationship with Adecco.

Penal rates and allowances

Generally, penal rates do not apply to temporary assignments. You will be advised of any instances where such rates and allowances have been negotiated with our client on your behalf.


Your payslip will be sent to you by post, or by email- depending on your preference. If your payslip is posted a new timesheet will also be included for you.

If you have a query regarding your pay, please contact your consultant immediately.

Prior to commencement of any work with us, we will provide you with a health and safety induction and you will answer a few questions related to the induction to ensure you have understood the information provided in the induction.

We then make sure that you receive a first day on the job induction which will be delivered to you by our client or Adecco, depending on the company you are working for. This is designed to advise you with specific details relating to the job you are about to perform and our client’s site.

Adecco may be able to offer you a range of different opportunities to up skill yourself once you are on the job - just ask your consultant what may be available to you.

It is important that if you are asked to change your duties at work, you notify your Adecco consultant so that we can make sure you are given the appropriate training for the new functions.

Prior to commencement of any work with us, we will provide you with a health and safety induction and you will answer a few questions related to the induction to ensure you have understood the information provided in the induction.

We then make sure that you receive a first day on the job induction which will be delivered to you by our client or Adecco, depending on the company you are working for. This is designed to advise you with specific details relating to the job you are about to perform and our client’s site.

Adecco may be able to offer you a range of different opportunities to up skill yourself once you are on the job - just ask your consultant what may be available to you.

It is important that if you are asked to change your duties at work, you notify your Adecco consultant so that we can make sure you are given the appropriate training for the new functions.

I want to take a holiday

Contact your consultant and discuss with them your holiday plans detailing to them the dates you are requesting. If this is approved by your consultant, and you wish to be paid for that holiday and you have enough annual leave owing to you, you need to fill in a holiday leave application form, available from your consultant or on this website.

I am not able to go to work

You must contact your Adecco consultant immediately so that we can let our client know and if required arrange a replacement for you. The earlier we know, the easier it is for us to deal with. It is important to us to know if you are not at work. As your employer we have an obligation to make sure we know of your whereabouts when you are required to be at work. You should notify us a minimum of 30 minutes prior to your scheduled start time.

My visa, work permit or licence expires

We have a system to alert us when such things are close to expiry and your consultant will be notified. It is up to you to keep such documents valid and up to date. If these items are not valid or current we will be forced to remove you from the assignment. (Drivers license will depend on the role you are placed into).

My details or my situation changes

We care about you and want to know about anything that changes the information we have on file about you. It could be as simple a change of phone number or address, or you change your bank account for example. However, we also need to know if you have had any criminal charges laid against you or been or convicted of something that you have not previously disclosed to us , had a licence revoked, or your health or wellbeing changes. If there is any change to anything that may impact on your work or our ability to make contact with you please advise your consultant as soon as possible.

We also want to know if you have acquired some new skills or experience that may help us with employment opportunities for you in the future.

If in doubt about whether you should tell us something, just call us and your consultant will give you sound advice.

I can’t get my timesheet approved

Contact your consultant immediately. They will try to contact supervisor or assist you with alternative arrangements to have this signed by another authorised person. It is in our interests to make sure you get paid weekly, so we will do everything we can to make sure this happens.

I need to contact Adecco outside of business hours

We operate a 24/7 service. Call the office number you have been given and you will be redirected to the out of hours service. If there is answer phone, DO leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as they can.

I have a question about my pay

Contact your consultant immediately and they will make it their priority to provide you with information and to resolve this for you.

I don’t want to continue with my assignment

We want you to be happy at work and will do everything we can to make sure you are well matched to your assignments. Once you have accepted an assignment, it is obviously good practice for you to complete it. If it’s not a perfect match, we’d appreciate your feedback so that we can better match you to the next available assignment.

However, if you are unhappy, or have chosen to move on, then we understand. All we ask is that you give us as much notice as you can and in accordance with your employment agreement and appreciate that we need to replace you so that we don’t let our client down.

I feel unsafe at work

We work with great clients and it is rare that this takes place.

Let us know immediately and we will call your supervisor and find a solution. Do not attempt to do anything that you feel threatens your safety or you feel puts you or others at risk in any way. There is NOTHING more important to us than your safety.

Things that you should tell us about include (but are not limited to)

  • Lack of training or experience to do the job required of you
  • A change to your duties that you have not been trained to do or have not got the required qualification or skills for
  • Insufficient protective clothing
  • A hazard or spill that concerns you
  • Machinery with insufficient guarding
  • Request for you to operate machinery or vehicles that you are not licensed to do so In the event that you have an incident or accident that caused you to be injured or that could have injured you under different circumstances you should:
    • Advise your onsite Supervisor and then contact your Adecco Consultant immediately and they will advise you of the next step. 
    • Request a copy of the client & Adecco incident/accident report which you will need to complete as soon as practical on the day the incident occurs.

 You need to provide a comprehensive account of what happened and the nature of possible injury sustained so that the situation can be fully investigated in order to remove or minimise any ongoing risk to you and any other employee.

Contact your Adecco Consultant. If you require more treatment than that offered by a First Aider on site (i.e.) Medical Centre/ Emergency Dept you must advise the medical provider that you are an “Adecco Employee” upon your first and any subsequent visit.

You may be referred by our client to their preferred medical provider but it is important that they recognise and record your details as an Adecco employee.

If you receive an ACC45 from medical attention provided you must give this and any other supporting documentation to Adecco as soon as possible. This is so we can ensure we make payment to you for any wages due and have all documentation we require to assist with ACC requirements.

As your employer Adecco is required to pay you for your first weeks pay after your injury if the incident is deemed work related. If your assignment was of an ongoing and full time nature, payment is calculated as an average based on the 10 days prior to your date of injury.

In order for this to happen you must complete the required documentation including an ACC45 Injury Claim form from your medical provider, confirming that the injury happened whilst on assignment.

After the first week ACC will manage your claim if you are not able to return to work.


Whilst on ACC you will only be entitled to 80% of your average weekly earnings so we will do all we can to return you to work once you are recovered.

Adecco will work with you in conjunction with our client where possible, to implement a plan which aims to minimise any possible loss in your earnings and where possible will arrange alternative duties for you.