Adecco White Paper:



Diversity is a significant point of debate in the employment sector. But what are the issues surrounding diversity in the New Zealand workforce?

One of New Zealand’s biggest strengths is its incredibly diverse population, but there are questions around whether that diversity carries over into the workforce. So what are the issues surrounding diversity, discrimination and equity for all in the New Zealand workforce?

Are there even issues to begin with? 

The statistics say there are. 

Do you know what percentage of the directors on the boards of New Zealand’s top 100 listed companies are women, or the percentage of women in leadership roles? How many New Zealanders do you think have reported discrimination in the workplace?

The Adecco Diversity Report takes a look at diversity in the workplace, crunching the numbers and analysing the results – coming to a conclusion on the state of diversity in New Zealand: where we are, where we’re going, and how we can make things better.

Among the report highlights are:
  • An exploration of the key demographics and statistics around diversity in the New Zealand workforce.
  • The male/female divide, and the present and future of gender equity in the workplace.
  • The overlooked potential of ‘Grey Power’ in New Zealand businesses.
  • The importance of LGBT-friendly workplaces to increase inclusion and promote innovation.
  • The impact of unconscious bias in the workplace.