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Dealing with
Employee Turnover:
How to ‘Stop the Hop’

Dealing with Employee Turnover: How to Stop the Hop

Dealing with Employee Turnover:
how to ‘Stop the Hop’

On average, workers today stay at each of their jobs for about four and a half years and 91% of millennials expect to stay in a job for less than three years.

It was not too long ago that job hopping was considered to be a career limiting move. The first question any potential employer would ask was why such short stints, or why so many jobs in such a short time? Over the past few years, however, it has not only become more commonplace, job-hopping is now the new normal for Millennials.

Among the report highlights are tips on how to:
  • Provide frequent communication and feedback
  • How to invest in your team and make them feel valued
  • Manage with both your head and your heart
  • Prioritise your team's happiness above all