Adecco White Paper:

Corporate Social Responsibility


Does Corporate Social Responsibility really make a difference to how people perceive your business?

Do people really care about how companies treat their employees, how they engage with their local communities, and how ethical they are in the way they do business? Does it make a difference to what we think about a company, whether that’s buying their product or working for them?

The Adecco Corporate Social Responsibility Report takes a look at how CSR fits into the big picture of the wider economic context, and gets into the details on the impact and implications of CSR. The goal is to answer the question: what is the business case for CSR?

Among the report highlights are:
  • An investigation into the importance, priorities and level of implementation of CSR by New Zealand companies. 
  • The key capabilities for CSR management. 
  • Best practice of CSR implementation. 
  • The importance of environmental and human rights impacts of company operations to consumers and potential candidates. 
  • The impact of involving employees with CSR.