Athlete Career Programme


Launched in 2005, the Athlete Career Programme (ACP) helps Olympic and Elite athletes successfully manage the difficult transition from elite sport to a new career through professional development and job placement.  

In 2008, the IOC renewed its commitment with Adecco through to 2012 and expanded the programme to three pillars of education, life skills and employment in order to better meet the needs of elite athletes.

By the end of 2011, the programme has already supported more than 9,000 athletes in over 40 countries and five continents with training opportunities and job placements.

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New Zealand

Adecco is committed to its partnership with the NZOC in support of our national elite sportsmen and woman.  In 2011 Adecco New Zealand and Paralympics New Zealand signed a parallel agreement to include Paralympians into the Athlete Career Programme – one of only 15 countries in the world to do so. 

Using Adecco’s New Zealand – wide network, we connect high performance athletes to high performing organisations, through a range of employment and career opportunities.

For employers

High performance employees

Imagine employees who have an ongoing desire to be the best.  The discipline and focus to perform at an elite level.  Who only understand winning. Who have the mental and physical energy to perform at their peak.

Success is not a matter of luck – in sport or business. It comes from systematic training and dedication. Our athletes have the characteristics to perform at a high level, both on the field of play and in business.

Giving back

In these days of social and corporate responsibility, most organisations seek opportunities to contribute to local communities. Employing an elite athlete is a business savvy way to reward the commitment and sacrifice our athletes give to New Zealand.

Not to mention the prestige to be had by having an Olympian in your organisation.

Through the Athlete Career Programme, Adecco will put you in touch with athletes who share your organisation’s vision and goals and who can contribute to its future success.

For athletes

The NZOC Athlete Career Programme helps elite, Olympic, and Paralympic athletes find their place in the labour market, utilising a two-track programme: Career Development (education/training) and Job Placement.

The Career Development track was created around a combination of individual modules, based on core content from Lee Hecht Harrison (an Adecco business unit), customised to meet athletes’ requirements.  These personalised programmes assist athletes in viewing their athletic successes and characteristics from the point of view of the labour market and expressing them in appropriate terms.  The programme works with athletes to enable them to communicate their skills and objectives to the business world in a common language.

Job Placement is a personalised track built on Adecco's world-class job placement expertise. It is designed to help athletes leverage their unique backgrounds and capabilities, and position them to engage in the job market with the best support available.  Elite athletes are provided advice, information and training on how to successfully recognise and build on their strengths that cross sport and studies, to make the most their talents.

On, athletes can find information on life skill topics including health and nutrition, financial planning, time management, media training, public speaking and goals setting and also education resources.

When it comes to employment, Adecco and the NZOC cooperate to provide assistance directly to athletes to help them prepare for, and engage in a career, reflecting on their career goals, skills and interest while developing job search skills.

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